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P498 – HV sputter deposition Nanocomp


HV inline sputter deposition system for thin film deposition at special sized substrates

Year of delivery


Installation site

Nanocomp Oy Ltd, Lehmo, Finland

Design Features

  • Inline HV magnetron sputter deposition system with full automatic control system.
  • One 28″ x 3.5″ rectangular magnetron in face to face configuration.
    • Magnetron mounted at a flipping door for fast and easy target exchange and source cleaning.
    • Direct gas inlet close to the target installed at each magnetron.
    • Pneumatic driven source shutter.
  • Motorized sample trolley with variable constant speed motion mode.
    • Wobbling motion in front of the magnetron possible.
    • Maximal sample size of 508mm x 508mm x 5mm.
  • Three big system access doors.
    • One towards clean room for sample loading and unloading.
    • One towards gray room for easy service access mainly.
    • One for service at the sputter soruce or deposition region of the system.
  • Software controlled upstream pressure regulation system.

Special Features

  • Large motion speed range from < 0.1 mm/s up to > 50mm/s possible.

Outer Dimensions

Technical specifications and performance values


Sputtering chamber


Cubic shape chamber, about 2000 mm length, about 650 mm width & about 1500 mm height


stainless steel


Sputtering chamber

Base pressure

< 3 *10-7 mbar

Pump down time

10 hours to < 10-6 mbar

Chamber pumping

Turbo pumping stage with dry foreline pump

Manipulator features

Sputtering chamber

Sample size

max. 508mm x 508mm x 5mm special shaped samples

Motion axes

Motorized sample translation axis with motion speed range of min. 0.1 mm/s up to max. 50 mm/s, incl. sample position wobbling feature

Performance test results

Chamber pump down
Sputter process stability