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Sputter deposition systems

Magnetron sputtering is applicable to almost all materals. Therefore it is used in a wide range of system applications. Bestec provides customized sputter systems with different possible sputter geometries, chamber base pressure and sample manipulation.

Typical design parameters

  • Depending on user requests up to ten (tilt able) sputter sources are possible in one chamber.
  • All sources can be driven with DC, RF or pulsed DC (incl. HiPIMS) generators.
  • Each source has its own gas inlet close to the target and source shutter included.
  • Typical sample temperature of -100°C up to +1000°C possible.
  • Continuous sample rotation possible.
  • Typically full software control incl. automatic deposition process.


  • RF- or DC switching unit to enable usage of one generator at more than one source.
  • Sample bias.
  • Additional gas inlet at the chamber or manipulator for reactive sputtering.
  • Ion source for sample precleaning, oxydation or ion beam assisted deposition.
  • Motor driven wedge shutter.
  • Thickness sensor for sputter rate checking at beginning of deposition process.
  • Pneumatic or motor driven sputter source tilting or translation.

Selected Projects